The End: Back Home

The flight home was uneventful, but LONG.  Due to rebooking our flight we had an extra flight from Washington, DC to Atlanta and then a 6 hour layover before returning to Portland.  We were all so exhausted and slept the last 5 hours of our flight. We traveled a total of 21,756 miles and when we finally pulled into our driveway we were feeling every one of them. 

Below is a picture of some of our treasure we brought back to remember our amazing trip.  It's fun to talk to Jeff's parents who are still in Johannesburg and understand what they are talking about because we have been there and shared similar experiences.

Tourist Treasure.jpg
While in Africa, Augusta started reading the book series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, about Precious Ramotswe, the "eminently sensible and cunning proprietor" of the only ladies' detective agency in Botswana.  These books tell such a wonderful story about the life and culture in Botwsana and South Africa.  In one book an American woman came seeking help.  She summed up beautifully how we feel about our experience in South Africa:

"We had found a country where the people treated one another well, with respect, and where there were values other than the grab, grab, grab which prevails back home.  I felt humbled, in a way.  Everything about my own country seemed so shoddy and superficial when held up against what I saw in Africa.  People suffered here, and many of them had very little, but they had this wonderful feeling for others...I was learning lessons.  I had come to Africa and I was learning lessons."
    ~Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith

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