January 31, 2006


We had a slow month, no big trips. It was nice to relax after the holidays. We were pleased to have a new LDS family move to Haifa, the Abbotts. Doug Abbott is here on a Fulbright Scholar program from Nebraska. He is here with his wife, Mary, and 15-year old daughter, Ali. They will be in Haifa until August, just like us.

One day, Tyler decided to build an airplane. He loves his giant waffle blocks and can be very creative building with them.

The airplane

With a new young woman in the branch, Tiffany decided it was time to have another activity. Tiffany's sister, Tawni, had brought materials to make decorated journals when she visited. They covered plain composition books with scrapbooking paper and decorated the covers with their names.

Young Women crafts

Here are the young women with their finished notebooks/journals.

Completed crafts

Here is proof that Tiffany really does let the kids play with Playdoh (but only occasionally). They love it, but she doesn't love cleaning up the mess.

Playdoh time

Every third Saturday of the month, we have a branch potluck. That is the week our District visitors come from Jerusalem. It gives us the chance to talk with them and with each other while we eat lunch together.

At the potluck

While Tiffany was at another one of her dentist appointments in Herzliya, Scott took Brooke and Tyler to the park.


"Why doesn't the train carry toast?" - about a freight train.
"... and the tiger will scare away the thunder." - part of a story told during a thunderstorm.

"Shows" - Brooke has discovered TV.
"Horse" - Brooke loves Daddy to be a horsey.

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