October 24, 2005

E-mail of October 24, 2005

Dear Family,

We have had a good week. It seems that Heavenly Father always balances out the good experiences you have with allowing bad things to happen. First of all, if this e-mail isn't too coherent, I apologize, because I have a massive cold right now, and my head feels all clogged up. This week we went tracting a lot, and I am getting used to going on exchanges two times a week. It's hard to manage miles because I have to drive for about 15 to 20 miles to meet the other missionaries. I only have 1100 miles, so it makes it kind of tough. This last friday, we tracted for a little over an hour, and were able to hand out 3 BoM's and find 4 new investigators. One of them, named Michelle, is golden! She was given a Book of Mormon by her friends in Temecula and has been reading it. She said it had to be a sign that we showed up, which of course we agreed with. When we taught her on Sunday, she was very intent and asked a lot of good questions. She said the Book of Mormon seems to fill in a lot of gaps. When we described how the Spirit is what answers her prayers, she asked if what she felt when we were talking is the Spirit. So we are obviously very excited for the progress she is making and we are looking forward to teaching her again tomorrow.

Besides that I am really enjoying it out here. I am starting to really get a hang of the area. When I was on exchanges, we went to a less active's house and she mentioned she was part Japanese and Elder Mori, who I was with, is half Japanese. So we talked a lot about Japanese food, and she said she'd have to make us some sometime. Apparently her daughter told Elder Mori she really likes us, and wants us to come and visit more often, so hopefully we will be able to bring her back to Church. I have DDM on Tuesdays, and there are 6 in my district. But we will actually be getting a 7th missionary today, because the American missionaries are being kicked out of Venezuala by the government. So the Spanish missionaries in my district will be in a threesome. I think that's all I have to report right now. President Ewer gives some awesome trainings on the Atonement, but I will have to bring my study journal next time so I can remember it well enough. Anyways, I love you all!

Love, Timothy

Posted by jeff at October 24, 2005 01:00 PM