October 31, 2005

E-mail of October 31, 2005

Dear Family,

Wow, it's been kind of a crazy week. It went by really fast for some reason. Me being sick unfortunately kept us working pretty slow, but we were able to go to the two Halloween parties for each of our wards. Between the two wards, about 15 people came to the two parties. The costumes for the Canyon Lake ward party were really good. The 1st Counselor of the Bishopric came as Dumbledore and his wife went as the Gryffindor teacher, I can't remember her name, and they were amazing, and they made them themselves. The 2nd Counselor came as Uncle Fester from the Adams' Family. Both of them we didn't even recognize. I'll send pictures of the costumes. We were the judges for the costume contests. Elder Green and I went as each other, since that was pretty much the only approved thing we could do.

On Sunday, David Parker, one of the young men in the ward that has helped a lot with the missionary work, gave his farewell talk to go on his mission. He had about 20 non-member friends there, so we are hoping something will happen there. Andrew Wood, the 12 year old boy we are teaching, was finally able to come to Church too. He is a really cool kid and fits in very well. I saw the pictures from Jeff and Augusta's Halloween party. Awesome job guys! I wish we had a pumpkin to carve out here, but I don't think we'd even have time. We have to be in at 7 pm tonight, so all the missionaries in my district are coming over to our homeshare's place and we are going to watch The Best Two Years (approved of course). So it will be a strange P-day today, I haven't not worked a day in 11 months!

Anyways, that's about all I have to report, I love all of you!

Love, Timothy

Posted by jeff at October 31, 2005 01:25 PM