December 19, 2005

E-mail of December 19, 2005

Dear Family,

I can't believe it is almost Christmas either! Thank you very much for the Christmas packages. I haven't fully opened Cami's since I want to wait for Christmas to open my stockings. So I am excited to open them on Christmas.

The weather doesn't seem like Christmas here either. Our Christmas party for our mission was last week. It was pretty fun. All the Zone's did Christmas skits, and they all did a really really good job. We had a lot of fun. We then had two Christmas parties for our Wards. They were pretty good, and we got tons of food. On top of that, our investigator, Michelle fed us a Christmas dinner also. I have been so stuffed!

Yesterday though I think I got food poisoning, I was sick all day, and still feel pretty iffy today. Hopefully I'll be completely better by tomorrow. We have two baptisms this week! I guess that means we'll have a white Christmas! Anyways, I don't really have anything else to say, except I'll be calling Mom and Dad around 9:45 AM our time. I'll only have an hour, but I hope that should be enough. Anyways, I love you, and look forward to talking next week.


Posted by jtbowden at December 19, 2005 12:26 PM