January 30, 2004

Our first full week

We have spent the last week trying to make our apartment feel more like home. We have had the power go out, due to rain shorting out the water heater. We must have brought the rain with us from Portland, because they have had a record amount of rainfall since we got here. We also lost power due to an old broken toaster. Scott has rewired light switches; there was one that when the light switch was down, one light was on, and when it was up, a different light was on. The Israeli solution was to remove one of the light bulbs. We have asked for minor repairs to our apartment and we get the feeling that they think we are picky. Despite all this, our apartment is very nice. It is spacious and is really a luxury apartment.

A big part of making things feel like home will be getting our shipment of stuff. It is here in Israel, but customs hasn't even acknowledged it yet. Getting through customs could take a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we are trying to learn to use an oven with temperature settings from one to five. Our dryer is German, fortunately Tiffany knows the words for on, door and gentle. We also learned that the "R" on our dishwasher meant rinse, not regular. So our dishes were wet, but not clean.

Tyler is enjoying his "new house in Israel." Even after we think we have picked up all his Matchbox cars, we still find them underfoot. They roll a little too fast on our tile floors. He loves the elevator in our apartment building, or as he calls it the "alligator." He keeps asking us to go "in" Israel. We say we are in Israel and he emphasizes that he wants to go "in" Israel. We are not sure what he thinks Israel is.

Brooke is almost rolling over. She also scoots around her crib on her back. She is just starting to get used to the time zone. Hurray! We are all sleeping better at night. Fortunately she is a very happy baby. Everyone tells us how cute she is.

Saturday will be our second Sabbath. Last week we were relieved to find about 30 people in attendance, including several young children. Tyler and Brooke are still the youngest (and loudest). Everyone was very friendly and excited to have a new family. This week we will be speaking in church; they didn't waste any time. Church meetings are two hours long. The first hour is Sacrament meeting and the second hour alternates every other week between Sunday (oops, I mean Sabbath) School and combined Relief Society/Priesthood.

We will let you know what adventures this next week brings.

Tyler in family room

View from our window

View through our telescope

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January 28, 2004

We are here and tired

We want you all to know that we have arrived in Israel and are settling in. We just barely got internet access, so once we get situated we will be publishing updates at least weekly (we hope). We are doing well, enjoying our apartment, our car and Scott's job (except for the part where Scott leaves and goes to work).

Tyler watching airplanes in Atlanta

Does work know us or what? A CHOCOLATE welcome gift basket

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